Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a lot of questions.  We’ll try to answer the most common questions here:

Q: Do I need to be home?

A: Many customers prefer to be there the first time just to get them started and pointed in the right direction. But if not, there are many ways we can arrange access.  Based on our conversation you will know what to expect and we will know what you want done.

Many customers prefer not to be there while the maids are cleaning.  If, like many of our customers, you would like us to hold a key, be assured that keys are kept safe and secure.


Q: Do you provide your own supplies?

A: Yes, we provide everything needed to clean your home – but if you have any special cleaning supplies or equipment you would prefer we use that’s fine too.  We will arrive with everything needed to clean your home including cleaning csupplies, buckets, mops, brooms, vacuums, and rags.

Q:  What about payment?

A: Payment is expected at time of service.  We can accept cash or check.

Q:  How much do you charge what are your rates?

A: Cleaning is a time based service.  We will provide a good faith estimate at the time you book your first appointment.  The estimate will be based on the information you give us and because of our extensive experience we can generally get very close to the final cost.  Your first appointment will a be an hourly rate.  If you are uncomfortable with an hourly rate we can cap the amount – not to exceed whatever figure you decide.

Q: Will you send the people every time?

A: Over the years we have found that consistency makes sense.  You may see a new face now and then but only when paired with a familiar face who knows your house and how you like things.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We generally schedule the first house for 9:00 AM and like the maids to be back in the office by 5:00 PM.  Monday through Friday.  We can very often accommodate an 8:00 AM cleaning  and very often on a Saturday or Sunday.  These are not regularly scheduled times but we want to work with you, so please feel free to ask.

Q: Will they arrive on time?

A: We will give you an approximate time when you book your appointment and confirm it the day before.  Unfortunately, there are many variables which we cannot control so we always speak in 30 minute windows of arrival.  Be assured, our on-time record is better than most airlines.

Q:  Do you have references?

A: Yes  Please refer to our Reviews page.

Q:  What about contracts?

A: We believe that as long as we do a great job for a great price you will continue to use our service.